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Promotional Offers for Pet Care Services in Port Coquitlam

Whether or not you have pet insurance, caring for your pet can be costly. We at Tricity Animal Hospital want to help the residents of Port Coquitlam by offering monthly promotions throughout the year to be of help to you and your pet.

Our Monthly Promotions


Let your pet get the best of pet wellness month in January with a 10% off on all blood work analysis, to identify any unseen conditions and give a healthy start to the new year.


Catering to your pet’s dental needs, we offer 10% off on dental cleaning for the National Pet Dental Month of February. Consult our team to find the best health plan for your pet.


We bring to you 10% off ear cleanings and ear cleaning products in the month of March.


We offer 10% off on all heartworm tests during the heartworm awareness month of April.


Contribute to reducing pet overpopulation by getting your pets spayed and neutered. We offer 10% off to make the process all the more cost-effective.


Prevent fleas and ticks from harming your pets over a sustained period. Bring in your pets for defleaing and removal of ticks and heartworms with effective products and treatment at 10% less for the month of June.


July is vaccination month, and we provide complete vaccinations to your pets to prevent the spread of avoidable and severe diseases like rabies and kennel cough. Receive 10% off when you bring in your pet for vaccination.


We give 10% off to our clients for a dental check-up and any dental related purchases, such as toothpaste and dental chews, for the month of August. Come by and see our pet care specialists and save money on your pet’s dental care.


Dedicated to aged (age 7 & up) pets, our vet provides blood tests to study your pet’s health, at a 10% discounted price, with the comfort and care needed for your older pets.


For the month of October, we offer special rates for zoonotic and parasite testing. Take advantage of 10% off on the price, when you bring in your pet for fecal testing.


We circle back on offering a 10% off for the reproductive health of your pets. You may choose to get your pet neutered or spayed for a longer and healthier life.


Get a 10% discount on all vaccination services for the month of December. Be sure to collect your pet's discount and have any pain and abnormal conditions checked-up by our specialists.

Other Affiliated Organizations

We also work with the following organizations:

Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again offers both private and communal cremation as well as viewing and visitation services so that you can choose the best way to honour your pet as you say goodbye.

Network for Animals

"The Lower Mainland Network for Animals Society is a 100% volunteer, not-for-profit society, and registered charity. Our primary focus is on spaying and neutering. There are many groups dealing with adoptions. We can provide referral numbers for services that are already in place. We can assist most efficiently by concentrating on reducing the numbers of unwanted animals needing homes."

To learn more, call Tricity Animal Hospital in Port Coquitlam for a consultation or to schedule a visit.

Round-the-Clock Veterinary Consultation & Pet Care

Our team can handle any pet care emergency for small and larger pets.

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