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Flea & Tick Preventative Treatment for Pets in Port Coquitlam

At Tricity Animal Hospital, we provide dedicated care for your pets, with preventative treatment for fleas and ticks. Ticks can be found in forested areas or unmaintained grass, and can hop from other dogs in the vicinity onto your pet and bring with them a plethora of health issues, including the deadly Lyme disease. If your pet starts suffering from joint pain, weakness of the body, or loss of appetite, it may be the right moment to look into our preventative measures. Our veterinarians will prescribe the right medicines, ointments or remedies, so consult us today and let your pet live a healthier life.

We offer various oral and topical medications, including Advantage (fleas only), Revolution, and Simparica Trio.


Heartworms are parasites transferred by mosquitoes, and like all parasites, they attach themselves to a living host, most likely your pets, and can cause a range of debilitating conditions. An extreme scenario may include damage to the heart and lungs if symptoms are not detected in time. A simple blood test done soon may help to identify and prevent the onset of heartworm disease.


Book an appointment with Dr. Dhot today and ensure that your pet is free from blood-sucking ticks and other zoonotic infections and parasitic diseases. 

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